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Dyslexia Center of Utah’s Prescriptive Tests

We assess your child through multi-sensory evaluations to determine their strengths, weaknesses, and the learning pathway that best meets their individual needs. We screen specifically for reading, spelling, writing and processing difficulties.

The Dyslexia Center of Utah ONLY provides prescriptive, screening tests. We administer these tests primarily to help us determine where to place students in the SPIRE reading and spelling program, and which additional concepts need to be taught. We include informal testing on the following:

  1. Letter Knowledge
  2. Sound-­Letter Relationships
  3. Phonemic Awareness: Phonemic Awareness is the student’s ability to recognize initial, medial, and final phonemes in words.
  4. Spelling: Our spelling tests measure the student’s knowledge of and ability to apply spelling rules.
  5. Sight Word Recognition (SPIRE)
  6. Decoding: Decoding tests measure the student’s ability to read nonsense words (use knowledge of phoneme/grapheme relationships as well as knowledge of syllabication and spelling rules to decode unfamiliar words)
  7. Fluency: Fluency tests measure the student’s ability to read smoothly with expression and comprehension.


If you feel that testing for Dyslexia is in the best interests of your child there are two options for having your child tested.

  • Option #1: Testing At Your Local Public School: No Charge

    We recommend that before you seek outside testing that you have your child tested by your local public school.  By law your local public school must assess your child, at no cost to you, if you believe your child may have learning disability (Dyslexia). The state of Utah does not recognize “Dyslexia” as a learning disability, so when you request that your child be tested, you have to use the words: “Learning Disability”.

    Once the school has completed their testing, the school psychologist and special education teacher will schedule a meeting with the parents, classroom teacher, and principal to sit down and review the evaluation results. In many cases, children with dyslexia DO NOT qualify for Special Education Services, because they are not yet far enough behind their classmates. If your child does not qualify for an IEP, testing done at your local school can serve as a basis for implementing 504 accommodations.

  • Option #2: Private Testing: Varies

    Sometimes parents would like an evaluation that is more comprehensive, or more private than which is provided by their local public school. Other parents have had their request for evaluation declined by the school or delayed for some reason will choose to obtain a private evaluation of their own. Because we receive so many requests for private testing we maintain a short list of private evaluators.

    Private testing can be very expensive. A complete evaluation can cost hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars. Some insurance may cover an evaluation but parents should always check with their insurance companies about their coverage. Another possibility is a University Clinic, such as the BYU Comprehensive Clinic or the Educational Assessment and Student Support Clinic at the University of Utah which perform child assessments at little or no cost. 

    What if Special Education Isn’t Enough?

    If your child is already receiving Special Education Services with an IEP, and you feel that the program is not working and that Dyslexia may be the cause of their struggles, then it is advisable to seek further Dyslexia testing. Please contact us for more information regarding the admission process.

    About Us

    The Dyslexia Center of Utah is a non-profit tutoring center with 15 certified tutors in locations from St.George to Logan. We can provide assessments and and suggest accommodations for IEP’s and 504’s. Scholarships are awarded on a sliding scale for qualified families. The Dyslexia Center of Utah is a 501(c)3 educational, non-profit. 

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    Please contact us for more information regarding the admission process:

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