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Dyslexia Center of Utah (non profit) is dedicated to meeting the educational needs of children diagnosed with a primary language processing disorder, and supporting the constituencies that serve them. Dyslexia Center of Utah seeks a culturally, ethnically, and economically diverse population and is an active participant in both the Utah and International branch of the IDA. We strive to help those children struggling with reading, writing and spelling.

To fulfill its mission, Dyslexia Center of Utah (a 501(c)(3) non profit)

  • Offers an academic program designed to serve a population of students having a language learning disability such as dyslexia, of average to superior intelligence, and no primary emotional problems.
  • Fosters self-confidence and a willingness to take responsibility for being active learners.
  • Prepares students to enter other academic settings and to advocate for themselves in a life of learning.

How it all started...

Shelley Hatch is the Founder and Executive Director of Dyslexia Center of Utah, a nonprofit organization she created 15 years ago to help children whose reading and comprehension skills are compromised by dyslexia and related learning disorders. Shelley is the Vice President of the Learning Disabilities Association of Utah a widely recognized advocate for educational reform.

The natural anxiety that parents experience when their children struggle in school is exacerbated in the case of dyslexia because parents lack clarity about how to move forward. In most states teacher training and certification do not include the expertise to help dyslexic students, nor do school districts typically offer the special resources necessary. Thus, the place which parents turn most instinctively for help when their children are struggling – the school environment – is not able to effectively help.

Early on, Shelley identified the organizational DNA that would best enable students and families struggling with dyslexia. The structure and content of the program would be rigorously designed, yet instruction would occur in an atmosphere of affirmation, encouragement and fun. In the best of settings, the sterling quality of the instructional program would be infused with a joyful energy shared by tutors and students alike.

Under, Shelley’s leadership, DCU evolved to embody those two vital dimensions. The technical quality of DCU’s program is unsurpassed. Shelley’s own theoretical foundation in Orton-Gillingham principles, acquired through two years of rigorous Slingerland training, has been enriched over hundreds of hours of tutoring, teaching and ongoing research. Shelley’s insights and techniques have been incorporated in the highly regarded DCU Curriculum.
DCU attracts tutors of exceptional qualification, energy and creativity. 

Under Shelley’s leadership, Dyslexia Center of Utah has helped hundred of children regain their academic stride.

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