The Assessment DOES NOT diagnose Dyslexia, the purpose of the assessment is to let us know the weaknesses and strengths of the student. It also lets us know where to place the student in the multi sensory reading, writing, and spelling program we use.

The Assessment is not intended to be used to get 504 accommodations or to qualify your child for special education services.

The cost of the assessment is $100.00 (required before starting tutoring)

The Dyslexia Center of Utah ONLY provides prescriptive, screening assessments. We administer an assessment primarily to help us determine where to place students in the DCU reading and spelling program, and which additional concepts need to be taught. We include informal testing on the following:

  1. Letter Knowledge
  2. Sound-­Letter Relationships
  3. Phonemic Awareness: Phonemic Awareness is the student’s ability to recognize initial, medial, and final phonemes in words.
  4. Spelling: Our spelling tests measure the student’s knowledge of and ability to apply spelling rules.
  5. Sight Word Recognition
  6. Decoding: Decoding tests measure the student’s ability to read nonsense words (use knowledge of phoneme/grapheme relationships as well as knowledge of syllabication and spelling rules to decode unfamiliar words)
  7. Fluency: Fluency tests measure the student’s ability to read smoothly with expression and comprehension.

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