The Dyslexia Center of Utah is a non-profit tutoring center, we help children that struggle with reading, writing and spelling.

We offer small group sessions or private tutoring sessions depending on your child’s needs.

We have been tutoring students throughout Utah for the last 17 years. At DCU each lesson consists of multi sensory methods that engage our students as we teach a  progress for each child as we move through our proven research-based program, which contains eight levels, and we frequently implement fluency drills to increase reading confidence and ability. Sight words are practiced in every lesson as well and we check for concept and mastery using dictation practices as well. Our students thrive in our positive learning environment and feel success as they are assessed only on concepts taught, and concepts build on each other beginning with basic vowel sounds continuing on digraphs, vowel pairs, and upper level morphology. We have seen amazing results with our scope and sequence and multi-sensory methods that engage our students as we teach a systematic, concept based reading program. We integrate spelling rules as we teach phonograms in sequence with repetition and cater to the following modalities of learning: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

We encourage you to contact us if you have anymore questions about our program.

Dyslexia Center of Utah


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