Thank You!

Who would have thought 3 years ago, when we walked into your house, this girl would make it into the National Junior Honor Society today! She is an exceptional young lady and has been so blessed to have exceptional people put in her path! Thank you for the difference you have made in her life!

Can Dysgraphia Affect Your Child’s Social Skills?

Dysgraphia is a biological condition that can make many aspects of writing difficult. But it can affect children socially, too. Here are four common social challenges your child may face—and what you could do to help.

Working With Teachers

Alright parents, I know you are worried about how to help your child have success without hindering them. Here’s some words of advice. 1). Build a strong relationship with your teachers. 2). Communicate your concerns to the teacher without engendering hostility. 3).Make an effort to understand the teacher’s point of view…keep in mind your child is not the only student in the class. 4). Focus on Actual Needs 5). Support Teacher’s Goals 6). Leave the Teacher in Control

Is Your Child Struggling With Reading, Writing, and Spelling?

At the Dyslexia Center of Utah, we customize learning in a proven multi-sensory approach. If your child is struggling in school? Contact us at 801-756-1933 to schedule a K-12 assessment. For a limited time, the our assessment fee has been reduced from $100.00 to only $75.00. Assessments take 2 1/2 hours.

The World Needs All Kinds of Minds

Temple Grandin, diagnosed with autism as a child, talks about how her mind works — sharing her ability to “think in pictures,” which helps her solve problems that neurotypical brains might miss. She makes the case that the world needs people on the autism spectrum: visual thinkers, pattern thinkers, verbal thinkers, and all kinds of […]

The Best Part was Seeing the Smile on my Daughter’s Face.

Last month we went to Parent Teacher Conference at the school. I had to hold back tears as the teacher told us that Kate is now testing ABOVE grade level and has been moved into the highest reading group. The best part was seeing the smile on Kate’s face. She was so proud of herself! Thank you, DCU!!

At our house

At Our House Dyslexia is a guest at our house. He runs, plays, sleeps, eats and drinks with us. He studies, writes, draws and colors with us. He giggles, laughs, and cries with us. Most days he’s welcome, some days he’s not. He has challenged us and tried us, past our limits, at times, we […]

“I Can”

Hello everyone!  As you know Matthew entered the Inspirations contest at school and wrote a paper titled “If only I didn’t have Dyslexia”.  He won first place in the 3rd-5th grade division.  He gets to represent his school in the Regional competition.  Below is a copy of his paper. He dictated the sentences to me […]

Accommodations in the Classroom

Here is an upcoming event that may be beneficial for many parents in educating their school on how 504 and IEPs.  There are many events like this around the country.  This helps the parent advocate for their child. EDUCATION MEETING Sponsored by the LEARNING DISABILITIES ASSOCIATION OF UTAH Accommodations in the Classroom Presented by Wendy […]


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Our talented and sensitive faculty is deeply involved in your child’s behavioral and social development, as well as helping them develop both academically and emotionally.

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Spe Edu. Golden Rules book uses the word dyslexic

I am often asked in IEP meetings where it uses the word dyslexia is found under a specific learning disability. Here it is for those of you that need or want it: click on Special Education “Golden Rules” Book On p. 11 in the Special Education “Golden Rules” Book it states: 50. Specific learning […]

Disconnected Kids- A book

Just wondering if anyone has heard of this book? Disconnected Kids: The Groundbreaking Brain Balance Program for Children with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, and Other Neurological Disorders (Hardcover) by Dr. Robert Melillo (Author)

Vision Therapy not Working to correct dyslexia

Evidence Does Not Support Vision Therapy to Correct Dyslexia in Children NEW YORK — August 5, 2009 — Children with suspected dyslexia and learning disabilities should receive only individualised, evidenced-based diagnostic and educational interventions combined with psychological, medical and vision-oriented treatments as needed. In a joint policy statement, “Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, and Vision,” the American […]

IDEA Helps

This is a website that discuses different IDEA topicsThey are broad casts and they are quite interesting for those of you that would rather listen than read.The following are topics they have. They are written from the California State Office of Education but can apply to all:TOPICS given: The IDEA 2004 and the IDEA 2006 […]

Understand More!!!

Is your child struggling with comprehension? Here’s something for you: