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Dyslexia is a neurological learning disability, characterized by difficulties with word recognition, by poor spelling, and limited decoding abilities. These difficulties typically result from a deficit in the phonological component of language that is often unexpected in relation to other cognitive abilities and the provision of effective classroom instruction. Secondary consequences may include problems in reading comprehension and reduced reading experience that can impede the growth of vocabulary and background knowledge.

Adopted by the Board of Directors:  November 12, 2002  (International Dyslexia Association)

The Truth about Dyslexia

As Spoken by kids who live and deal with it every moment of their life

“I’m Dumb!”

    • “I’d rather be known as the kid in trouble than the dumb kid.”
    • “I HATE school, everyone thinks I’m dumb.”
    • A 10 year old said, “I hate myself and I wish I could die”, “I don’t have any friends.”
    • “Why do I have to be in the lowest reading group, doesn’t my teacher know that we all get that we’re dumb?”
    • “How come I keep writing my numbers backwards?”
    • “Will I have to be held back this year in school?”

“If I’m so Smart Why Can’t I Learn To Read?”

    • “Will I ever get my alphabet crown? Since everyone in my private pre-school got one on graduation day, but me.”
    • “How come I can take apart a clock and put it back together, but I can’t read?”
    • “If I have an IQ like Albert Einstein who’s really smart, why is his face green?” I answer, “oh you’re thinking of Frankenstein!!”
    • “I work 5 times harder than all of the other kids in my class and I get C’s and D’s.”
    • “My mom just says, ‘try harder and work harder’ you’ll get it.”

“Will I Ever Learn To Read?”

    • “Will I ever be able to read a chapter book?”
    • “My friend can read Harry Potter, and I know I won’t ever be able to.”
    • I so want to read like everyone else and it’s so hard.
    • When we’re being timed on reading, I look around and everyone has read it 2 or 3 times and I’m only half way through.
    • How come my teacher always makes me read in front of the class and she knows I can’t read? Doesn’t she know that all of the kids make fun of me?
    • Why am I in Resource? They don’t know how to help me in there.

“Why is School Work So Hard?”

    • “My teacher just has me sit in the back of the classroom and doesn’t care what I do, as long as I don’t bother her or anyone else.”
    • “I always have to stay in from recess and work on the assignments I didn’t get done during class.
    • “My teacher has me copy from the board and I always lose my place and my head hurts because, I have to look up every three letters to write the word.
    • “When we’re being timed on reading, I look around and everyone has read it 2 or 3 times and I’m only half way through.
    • “My dad sat with me for 8 hours practicing writing my b’s and d’s so that I could write them correctly.  He’d yell at me because I couldn’t do it. I never got one right.”
    • “Why is it so hard to read out loud than silently to myself?”

“Why Can’t My Teacher Understand?”

    • “How come the teacher never gives me enough time to copy from the board?”
    • “I’m in trouble at school and I don’t why.. I was listening to the homework assignment, and the teacher said a word I didn’t understand and now I’m in trouble. I(The Tutor) say, “So you stopped to try and figure out what the word was and missed your assignment?” He says “yes, and now I’m in BIG trouble from my mom and teacher.”
    • My teacher says, ‘you’re lazy and not listening or you’d know what your assignment was’.
    • “Why do I not get it the way the teacher wants me to?” (While asking a student to put the words yellow, green, purple, blue, and red into a category, (as I’m thinking colors)
      he says, “duh, it’s a rainbow”).

After Tutoring

  • ” ‘Guess what’, he excitingly says as he comes to tutoring after 6 months and shows me his 100% on his spelling test.  It’s the first 100% he’s ever received on any test and he’s in 6th grade.”
  • “Please, can I just stay at tutoring all day because school is hard?”
  • “Will I always be able to come to tutoring as long as I’m in school?”
  • “Why didn’t they teach me this spelling rule in school?”
  • “How come you can help me and my teachers can’t, and they don’t get it?”

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