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The Dyslexia Center of Utah is a non-profit, tutoring center with the goal of helping the dyslexic children in our community.  We offer private and group tutoring sessions.


Why is there a need for the Dyslexia Center of Utah?

Statistics show that there are a proportionally large number of children who are dyslexic One in five students, or 15-20% of the population, has a language-based learning disability. Dyslexia is probably the most common of the language based learning disabilities.  These children are bright, intelligent students who often fail in school because they are not receiving the kind of instruction that will allow them to learn.

Dyslexia is a specific language-based learning disability, recognized and researched by the National Institute of Health and many other organizations.  It is an inherited condition.  Dyslexia ranges from mild to severe.

Research has shown that when dyslexic students receive the kind of instruction they need–multi-sensory, phonics-based instruction, they can keep up with (and often surpass) their peers in academic success.

Unfortunately, this kind of instruction is not available in Utah County’s public schools.  Most of the teachers in our area—even special education teachers–are unequipped to help dyslexic students.  Most do not recognize the symptoms of dyslexia and do not have the training necessary to help these children.

As a result, bright students under-perform in their classes.  They struggle to read and to learn.  They experience embarrassment and humiliation. They are often labeled as “dumb” or “lazy.”  For these children, school means failure, and this failure greatly limits their future educational opportunities.


What is the Dyslexia Center of Utah?

The Dyslexia Center of Utah is a non-profit tutoring center that specializes in instruction for dyslexic students.

The director, Shelley Hatch have been privately tutoring students in Utah and Salt Lake County.  Mrs. Hatch has been running the Dyslexia Center of Utah for the last thirteen years and has tutored over 500 students. She has attended Orton-Gillingham based training programs.

How will the Dyslexia Center of Utah help dyslexic students?

We will provide a unique learning environment for dyslexic students in Utah County—a center where their academic needs can be met.  This will be a center where these students can be successful and where they can get the tools they need for future academic success.

Tutors at the Dyslexia Center of Utah will use Orton-Gillingham based direct phonics instruction and multi-sensory teaching techniques to instruct and tutor students.  The curriculum is research-based and has been proven to be an effective way to teach dyslexic learners.

How will the Dyslexia Center of Utah benefit the community?

We believe that educating the parents and teachers in our community about dyslexia is key.  Many dyslexic students go undiagnosed because educators and parents do not know the symptoms of dyslexia.   Instead of getting appropriate help, many of these students make it to adulthood without understanding why they struggle to read and write.  Some end up succeeding in spite of their difficulties.  However, statistics show that a large number give up in school, drop out, and eventually end up in our prisons.

The Dyslexia Center of Utah will provide services to educate parents and teachers in our community with the hope that more dyslexic students can receive appropriate help.  Services will include:

  • Workshops for teachers, including
    • Recognizing the symptoms of dyslexia and understanding what dyslexia is
    • How to implement Orton-Gillingham techniques in the classroom
    • How to integrate dyslexic students in the classroom
    • Dyslexic simulations, so that teachers can better understand the challenges of dyslexia students
  • Workshops for other community outreach organizations (such as literacy centers), providing information that can help dyslexic adults in our area
  • Partnerships with Education departments at local universities.  We hope to educate more of our future teachers about how to recognize dyslexia and how to help the struggling students in their classrooms

We believe that the Dyslexia Center of Utah will make an incredible, positive difference in the lives of dyslexic students in our community.  We are excited to be the first center in Utah County that specifically addresses the needs of these children and offers them the chance to succeed and feel good about themselves.

Shelley Hatch
(801) 756-1933

Shelley Hatch – Director of Dyslexia Center of Utah


Shelley has been tutoring for the past Sixteen years.  She is two years Slingerland trained. She is trained in Slingerland (classroom adaptation of Orton-Gillingham) and uses this multi-sensory-kinesthetic approach with Alphabetic Phonics. Through this proven approach students will work on reading, spelling, handwriting, oral language, grammar and comprehension skills. Shelley has recognized that a Key missing factor with these struggling readers is their lack of phonemic awareness. One of her first main emphasis with her students is teaching the basic foundation for phonemic awareness skills. This training provides the foundation on which phonics instruction is built. This is a pre-requisite skill before children can learn to associate sounds with letters and manipulate sounds to blend words during reading (decoding), or segment words during spelling. Research indicates that 20% of children are affected by a lack of phonemic awareness. Shelley is currently the vice president of the LDAU (Learning Disabilities Association of Utah).


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