Our Mission

Tutor Working With Student

Dyslexia Center of Utah (non profit) is dedicated to meeting the educational needs of children diagnosed with a primary language processing disorder, and supporting the constituencies that serve them. Dyslexia Center of Utah seeks a culturally, ethnically, and economically diverse population and is an active participant in both the Utah and International branch of the IDA. We strive to help those children struggling with reading, writing and spelling.

To fulfill its mission, Dyslexia Center of Utah (a 501(c)(3) non profit)

  • Offers an academic program designed to serve a population of students having a language learning disability such as dyslexia, of average to superior intelligence, and no primary emotional problems.
  • Fosters self-confidence and a willingness to take responsibility for being active learners.
  • Prepares students to enter other academic settings and to advocate for themselves in a life of learning.