struggling student

Through our knowledge and innovative instruction we inspire and transform students with learning differences into confident, independent, and successful readers. Our vision is to collaborate with colleagues and members of the community for the welfare and value of our diverse learners. We strive to integrate researched based curriculum into our curriculum and other schools. We desire for all students to have an opportunity to receive services that will improve their academic ability.

Reading is a skill.  It must be taught as a skill just as cutting a stone to a desired form must be taught.  Whether or not the stone cutter becomes a great sculptor or only chisels out building blocks depends upon many factors, but he must first learn to cut stone.  Whether or not the child becomes a great explorer in the realm of literature or is always limited to newspapers and comics depends upon his native endowment and the cultural atmosphere with which we surround him.  At all events he must acquire the skill to translate seen symbols into meaningful words.  Some children acquire this skill with little conscious effort on their part or ours.  Others must be taught this skill with step-by-step planned technique.  In some way this skill must be acquired.

 Anna Gillingham