Conference Testimonials

DCU's Keynote Speaker

The Dyslexia Center of Utah’s Annual Conference

“Well Worth The Money And Time”

I am grateful for the opportunity I had to attend DCU’s conference! I have two children with learning disabilities. As a busy mother of four, I try and make it a priority to educate myself and learn all I can to help my children be successful. This conference was well worth the money, time and very informative. It gave me knowledge about Dyslexia and had a variety of speakers and topics to choose from. I learned helpful tools to aid my children in spelling, I was given effective apps and technology resources available for my children, and most importantly the emotional insight needed to make sure my parent child relationship comes first! At times I am completely overwhelmed with the responsibility of parenting a child with dyslexia because as stated at the conference, dyslexia robs a person of time! Dyslexia will not be outgrown but as a parent I should make sure they have structure, explicit direct instructions, multi-sensory learning, phonemic awareness and knowledge that I am their biggest advocate! Thank you DCU for putting this together, I plan on attending next year
Kirsten Lunsford

“Why Was I Never Taught This? It Would Have Made Such A Difference”

My favorite class, quite honestly, was the syllable division class.

As an adult dyslexic I found the syllable division class to be incredibly helpful. Even though I am an avid reader and have an advance degree, my decoding and spelling skills are very poor. I have always read contextually. In forty five minutes I gained a greater understanding of how letters blend together to make words and how syllables are critical for understanding letter sounds in words. I just kept thinking, “Why was I never taught this? .” As a parent of a child with dyslexia I am determined to learn and understand the rules of syllable division so I can pass on that “key” power of literacy to my son.

Karalee Atkinson


Rebecca Murray Metzer Addresses DCU’s Annual Conference

“What A Great Resource!”

My daughter and I met Shelley Hatch at the Dyslexia Center of Utah two years ago. Since then I have been on a quest to educate myself on every aspect of the learning difference and learn how to better help her be successful. The Centers website has a huge amount of information including how to get a diagnosis, signs, links to other helpful sites and even offers a variety of tutoring. This is an incredible service because there are so few resources to actually assist in a practical way in our area. I was extremely pleased to have been invited and able to attend the Come inside our World conference recently. It was a huge effort that was a great success in my opinion. I thought the key note presentation was excellent; there was a good variety of break out sessions that covered relevant topics; the group kept everything moving in a timely manner- which is important and professional. I appreciate the group of people who make up the center. You could tell they are dedicated and sincere in their desire to help turn lives around. Thank you for the time and effort you put into your work and into the outreach and education you are providing.

Christina Fennel

I will be using the knowlege I gained each and every day!

The 2014 Conference for the Dyslexia Center of Utah was an educational, informative, and incredible experience! It was thrilling to see so many educators attend to learn more about this “gift”. I attended as a “mom” and thrive on having this chance each year. The keynote speaker was a psychologist from CA who specializes with individuals who have Dyslexia. She gave a wonderful synopsis of what Dyslexia is and what can be done to help. The break out sessions were excellent as always and it was very hard to only choose one for each block- I look forward to reading notes of the others! There were classes on breaking words into syllables, teaching beginning sounds, ADHD and other things that “come with” dyslexia, reading games and ideas, and so much more! The instructors were proficient and helpful in their presentations. Only half of my children have Dyslexia and I was able to get lots of information for my “regular” reading kids also! It is a conference which helps parents and educators know what Dyslexia is, ways they can help, and how the child’s brain works. One highlight for me was a panel by some of the children (from a wide range of ages) who attend the Center. They discussed what it is like to have Dyslexia, how school works for them, and things that can make a difference. Hearing the responses puts things into perspective for those of us who have not dealt with this. I am a strong proponent of the child advocating for themselves in school and life, and of them owning their Dyslexia, but as a mother (or an educator) I need to be as current as I can be with the best way to improve life for my children. I have had to fight for them in instances when there were those who did not understand the issues my child faces, and I feel better prepared to do this with the help of conferences like this! It is a MUST in our home to participate and learn from these events!

Susan Miller gave a break out presentation at the 2014 conference for the Dyslexia Center of Utah. Her topic was ADHD, but she covered so much more. I attended the conference as a parent and I would have loved to stay in this one session for days on end! It literally blew me away! I sat there and cried. I was moved, shocked at some of the information, and so grateful to have the chance to learn the things I did in this short hour and a quarter. Susan has an extensive background and knowledge of the subject and love for children, both of which were evident in the way she presented. I was also pleased to see so many solid scientific numbers, photographs, and stats that supported things I have always known and observed to be true, but had not been able to find “hard facts!” One of her very first statements almost knocked me off my chair, and I have been helping children with ADHD for over 14 years now :). The entire presentation continued to make more and more things “click” to me. I cannot express the benefit I (and my children) have received as being in attendance at her session. How I would love to hear more! She intertwined ADHD with Dyslexia and all the other host of things that can accompany this “gift”. It was a true eye-opener, coming from someone who felt had eyes pretty well open! I consider the knowledge I gained invaluable and will be using it over and over each and every day! I am forever grateful for her thoughts, ideas, and “hard facts” that have made such a difference in my family’s life already!



Attendees Spelling Tools At DCU’s Annual Confernce

“I Was Amazed At How Much Information Was Covered.”

I attended Annie Petersen’s session on spelling tools. I was amazed at how much information was covered. She helped us understand the material with hand-outs and practice activities for every concept she taught. Annie was extremely knowledgeable about the rules she shared. She used her experience and fun energy to clearly teach us new methods for each spelling rule and learn in “hands-on” ways. I came away from her presentation with hand-outs, tricks and a bag full of delightful tools to use right away. This was an outstanding presentation and helpful to all in attendance….parents, tutors and educators alike.

Brenda Holtom

“I Walked Away With A New Array Of Fun Techniques And Games.”

I was able to attend the sound sensible work shop. This class covered strategies for teaching young children phonological awareness, letters in the alphabet and the sound relationships with letters. They taught methods for developing better listening skills , these skills help a child develop phonemic awareness and increases there ability to differentiate different sounds. Next they talked about rhyming and gave a wide variety of games and activities to help a child maser this skill while having fun. Next they discussed the skill of segmentation both with sentences and individual words. They also covered the importance of the one to one correspondence between oral and written words. The fourth step was phoneme/ grapheme relationships this includes learning the correct way to form each letter and attaching the sounds to the written form of the letter. The final step is starting the process of writing the correct letter when the corresponding sound is given. I found this class to be a great general overview of a sound sensible lesson. I walked away with a new array of fun techniques and games to incorporate while teaching the basic foundations of our language.