Who We Are

Shelley Hatch, Director of Dyslexia Center of Utah: Utah County

Shelley has been tutoring for Dyslexia for the past sixteen years, she is the Director of Dyslexia Center of Utah.  Shelley is Slingerland Certified (classroom adaptation of Orton-Gillingham) and uses this multi-sensory-kinesthetic approach with Alphabetic Phonics. Through this proven approach students will work on reading, spelling, hand writing, oral language, grammar and comprehension skills. Shelley has recognized that a Key missing factor with these struggling readers is their lack of phonemic awareness. One of her first main emphasis with her students is teaching the basic foundation for phonemic awareness skills. This training provides the foundation on which phonics instruction is built. This is a pre-requisite skill before children can learn to associate sounds with letters and manipulate sounds to blend words during reading (decoding), or segment words during spelling. Research indicates that 20% of children are affected by a lack of phonemic awareness.Shelley is currently the Vice President of the International Dyslexic Association of Utah.