Kennedi has a talent for learning


Kennedi has a talent for learning; she loves it and she finds so many things interesting and retains so much of the information that she is given. Although she had the tenacity school requires, she was struggling with decoding words, reading, writing and spelling, and these struggles caused her to fall further and further behind. She started to notice that her classmates seemed to grasp concepts or have things “click” faster, and she found it disheartening that her efforts weren’t rewarded in the same way. It started to affect Kennedi’s self-esteem; she started to forget how fun learning new things can be and how special she was because she found enjoyment in all types of learning.

We were lucky enough to come across information about DCU and were able to get her tested and tutoring started right away. At the beginning of her second-grade year, she was reading at a late kindergarten/early first-grade level at best. It has only been a few short months but Kennedi has tested at the benchmark for second grade (grade level) on her Dibels testing. That is a first in her 3 hard years of very hard work at school. The way she is tutored is geared towards her needs so it makes sense to her, and she loves JaNae and we could not be happier with the confidence and self-esteem all this has given Kennedi.