The Dyslexia Center of Utah, in a very real way, saved our son’s life.

boyreadingbookWe were very pleased to learn that the Dyslexia Center of Utah was an option for our son. After much worry, sleepless nights and desperate moments of reading from books I checked out at the library I found a reading system I felt would help our son learn to read proficiently. Sadly, when I asked there was no knowledge from the public school of this type of reading program. With the very little that I did know, I reached out on my own. I found DCU and was relieved to learn that they were very familiar with this type of program and actually used it! At the time, we were at the end of a hopeless road and weren’t sure what could be done for our son who would soon be entering middle school. Yet, we felt that any effort and sacrifice made on our part was worth it. We were told by the public school that he did not have Dyslexia. We were told to “keep reading”, though he was at a second grade reading level in the fifth grade. There was great concern from his teacher but no real alternative plan or option offered for real help. He did have an IEP but we found that there was a hole in the system used.

We began his lessons with Amanda who will forever be revered as a miracle worker in our son’s life. Within 6 weeks it was noted that he went from that second-grade reading level to a fourth-grade reading level. This was outstanding news and brought us great hope and instant relief! His teacher was also pleased and surprised with these results. We were encouraged to continue. When first speaking with the center, it was never about “could we help Nathan” but “we can help Nathan”. They took the need very seriously and we all got busy. We felt confident in our path. We continued for the following 2 school years and through the summers. We were dedicated and determined to finish the course. Nathan enjoyed the lessons. It was never a struggle to get him there. For Nathan, it was a satisfying and good experience. I felt that the center was very accommodating to our needs as a family. The location was convenient. The staff friendly and extremely knowledgeable and professional. With that said, I feel it’s important to add that DCU does not have a big business feel, they are authentic and genuine with a real desire and mission to teach children how to read. It is their only motive! Our son benefitted from this. Their devotion and dedication to the work is inspiring.

The reality for us is that the Dyslexia Center of Utah, in a very real way, saved our son’s life. He never lost confidence or hope. The most powerful outcome is that he will ultimately be able to provide for himself and for his future family. He is a great kid and thanks to the reading program offered at DCU, he has a BRIGHT future. We could not be more grateful. My only wish is that more children could receive this type of help. Nathan was not the only child in his class that suffered. There were others. This knowledge pained me. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the public schools would adopt this system into their reading curriculum? There would be nothing to lose only so much to gain!