Andrea Rogers Niederhauser

This is exactly what happened to my daughter. I kept pushing for testing, and all the School District would say is that she was reading below grade level. Even her teachers were getting frustrated. It was like, “We know she’s reading below grade level. But what can we do about it?” No one had an answer for us. We finally had her tested at a private facility and she was diagnosed with dyslexia. The reading tutor she was previously working with had told use there was no such thing as dyslexia (?! What!!!!???) so we decided to get outside help and found the Dyslexia Center of Utah. Finally, a place that understands our daughters struggles and can help her!! We only wish that we had done something sooner. As early as preschool I was asking her teachers about dyslexia, but kept being brushed off. Parents- if you suspect your child is dyslexic, don’t rely on the teachers recognizing it- follow your gut and find a Dyslexia specialist!

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