I’m Dyslexic.
And I’m a Physics PhD student.
One of my favorite questions I get when I tell people those two things is how did you get over
Dyslexia? There’s no ‘getting over’ dyslexia. It is as much a part of me as my hair color or my
eyes. you can cover it up, you can change it but it’ll always still be the same underneath.
Dyslexia gave me a hard start. I was in remedial lessons throughout elementary. I only managed
to reach my grade level in reading when I reached seventh or eighth grade. My parents had to
drive me all the way down to Highland from Salt Lake twice a week to get me to Shelley Hatch
for specialized tutoring. It was tough. Figuring out how to make things work for my brain, how
to learn the way I needed to, how to process things so my brain understood. It took a lot of hard
work, a lot of long nights and hard days. Those early days were tough. The toughest of my life.
But I learned. I grew and I overcame the challenges that dyslexia gave me. And you know what I
Dyslexia is a gift.
I think differently from other people. I process differently, I see differently. This training that
dyslexia forced on me was invaluable when I began my undergraduate degree in physics. Things
that were easy for me were incredibly difficult for my peers, and I discovered it was because they
didn’t think the same way I did. Dyslexia did that. It made me a better physicist.
And here I am, a PhD student at the 15 th ranked physics department in the country. Out of over
700 students I was chosen. Me. A dyslexic. Living her dream. There is always a way to do what
you want to do. It takes hard work, but Dyslexia is as much an ally as anything else. You can
succeed. If I can, I have no doubts that every dyslexic can. We just see the world differently.

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