Laura Lee Anderson

I am a grandmother of one of the  students at the Dyslexia center.  I want to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly 

give a top recommendation for this center and what they can do for struggling students.

Children with dyslexia are bright and intelligent but they are made to feel otherwise

just because they don't learn in the same way as their other classmates. 


The techniques and methods that the center uses helps to unlock these children's

abilities to be as successful as any other student.  All of a sudden they don't view themselves as

"dumb," "slow," or  incapable of reading or spelling.  They can finally "get it."


This program may seem expensive but it is far cheaper financially, socially, and emotionally to fix

these learning problems now before your child has to endure a lifetime of not being able to live

up to his or her potential just because they learn differently.  It truly is an easy fix with expert help from

the Dyslexia center.  It will be the best money you will ever spend on your child.


If you have further questions for me as a grandmother, please feel free to contact me.

Laura Lee Anderson


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