My daughter is 8 years old and has attended UDC for almost 5 months now. The progress she has made with her tutor, Lorita Beers, has been remarkable. Not only does Lorita have an amazing back ground in teaching reading skills, she knows her students and can cater to their needs. The program UDC uses is wonderful, but it also takes a tutor that can adapt to the students needs to make the program fully effective. I cannot say enough good things about Lorita, Shelley, and all the tutors at UDC. They are all fully dedicated to helping their student succeed!

We tried a private school and another tutoring centers last year and yet we made more progress here in 3 months then all of last school year. 

UDC knows how to assess the students and cater to their individual needs. I am so grateful for the opportunity we have had to work with these loving, highly qualified individuals. They empower their students, build their confidence and give them skills to succeed. 

For so long we didn't know how to help our daughter. I have a masters in education yet my education did not prepare me to help my dyslexic child nor help me identify her dyslexia until 3rd grade. It was a very happy day when we discovered UDC. 

Thank you Lorita for all your love and support for our daughter! She now realizes how smart she really is and no longer cries over reading and is even starting to enjoy reading on her own. Her strengths are able to shine and her weak areas are becoming welcomed challenges. She recognizes that hard work pays off. 


From one loving parent to another you won't regret going to UDC! 



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