Sariah Kelly

My name is Sariah Kelly and I live in Lehi. My son Michael attended Eaglecrest Elementary School and every year starting at kindergarten, he barely squeaked by at the end of the year tests to qualify to go on to the next grade. In 3rd grade we began testing to see if Michael qualified for special services. This testing process was taking months and months and Michael was continuing to become further and further behind the other students in his class.

We contacted Shelley Hatch at the Dyslexia Center of Utah. We began tutoring immediately in the 3rd grade. Michael continued being taught by “Miss Shelley” and her Slingerland multi sensory methods for the next 4 1/2 years. His reading skills improved rapidly and he began to see progress in all areas of study. He learned strategies that help him to this day do better in school.

Michael just finished his 9th grade year with a 3.85 average largely due to Mrs. Shelley Hatch and her wonderful encouragement and especially the skills that she taught him in reading. She is a great credit to the community and the Dyslexia Center of Utah is a valuable resource to any child and family who struggle with reading.

I’m personally so grateful for the help that she has given my son and I recommend the DCU to any and all of my friends whose children suffer with reading challenges, especially dyslexia.


Sariah Kelly

Lehi, UT

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