Theresa Maynard

My son is graduating from DCU! The systematic, multi-sensory Slingerland approach gave my son the tools he needed to overcome his dyslexia and the confidence to be successful in school.  His tutor, Glori Hamren has not just been a teacher, but also a counselor, a cheerleader and a trusted adult in his life.

When my son was in 5th grade, he was about 2 years behind in school but they refused to test him for learning disabilities. Desperate for help, we went to DCU for a dyslexia screening. Dyslexia explained my son's difficulties with spelling, writing and organizing his thoughts. 

After just 6 months of tutoring, my son's spelling improved from a 3rd grade level to a 5th grade level!  7 years later, he is a junior in high school who no longer dreads writing assignments.  Glori always told him how smart he is and that he has great ideas. My son was able to retain the lessons because of the way the program builds upon itself and goes back to review what has already been learned.

I highly recommend DCU's tutoring! It was a life saver!

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