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Tutoring For Dyslexia

The Dyslexia Center of Utah has been tutoring children with Dyslexia and struggling readers for the past sixteen years. Classroom adaptation of Orton-Gillingham and use the multi-sensory-kinesthetic Slingerland approach to provide simultaneous, structured and sequential language instruction to her students with Dyslexia. Through this proven, multi-sensory approach students with Dyslexia learn reading, writing, spelling, hand writing, oral language, grammar and comprehension skills.

The Slingerland approach is a thorough and integrated system, providing a complete language learning experience. All learning takes place with involvement of Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic-motor processing. It is in the linkage of these channels that dyslexic children often have difficulty. The Slingerland approach starts with the smallest unit of sight, sound, and feel a single letter. Through this carefully guided approach students learn language skills while developing confidence in their own abilities.

Tutoring For Dyscalcula (Math)

For some children, Dyslexia and Dyscalculia can be co-occurring conditions, although each can exist without the other being present. Considerable research indicates children, with dyscalculia/maths difficulties respond positively to a systematic, multi-sensory, kinesthetic curriculum our qualified and experienced teachers.

Math-U-See is a complete K-12 math curriculum focused on small group learning environments that uses manipulatives to illustrate and teach math concepts. Math-U-See “Builds Understanding” in students with a multi-sensory, mastery-based approach. Levels focus on a specific set of concepts while continuously reviewing and integrating previous concepts.

Tutoring /Assessments

We assess your child through a 1 hour, multi-sensory evaluation to determine their strengths, weaknesses, and the learning pathway that best meets their individual needs. We screen specifically for reading, spelling, writing and processing difficulties.

  • Assessment: $100.00 (required before starting tutoring) all children entering the tutoring program will need to have this assessment completed.

If you feel that testing for Dyslexia is in the best interest for your child you will need to contact a licensed psychologist.

    •  Testing At Your Local Public School: No Charge

    • We recommend that before you seek outside, private testing that you have your child tested by your local public school.  By law your local public school must assess your child, at no cost to you, if you believe your child may have learning disability (Dyslexia). The state of Utah does not recognize “Dyslexia” as a learning disability, so when you request that your child be tested, you have to use the words: “Learning Disability”.

      Once the school has completed their testing, the school psychologist and special education teacher will schedule a meeting with the parents, classroom teacher, and principal to sit down and review the evaluation results. In many cases, children with Dyslexia DO NOT qualify for Special Education Services, because they are not yet far enough behind their classmates. If your child does not qualify for an IEP, testing done at your local school can serve as a basis for implementing 504 accommodations.

What if Special Education Isn’t Enough?

If your child is already receiving Special Education Services with an IEP, and you feel that the program is not working and that Dyslexia may be the cause of their struggles, then it is advisable to seek further Dyslexia testing. Please contact us for more information regarding the admission process.

About our program

At DCU each lesson consists of multi sensory methods that engage our students as we teach a  progress for each child as we move through our proven research-based program, which contains eight levels, and we frequently implement fluency drills to increase reading confidence and ability. Sight words are practiced in every lesson as well and we check for concept and mastery using dictation practices as well. Our students thrive in our positive learning environment and feel success as they are assessed only on concepts taught, and concepts build on each other beginning with basic vowel sounds continuing on digraphs, vowel pairs, and upper level morphology. We use multi-sensory methods that engage our students as we teach a systematic, concept based reading program. We integrate spelling rules as we teach phonograms in sequence with repetition and cater to the following modalities of learning: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.
We have seen amazing results with our scope and sequence and methods we use.
We encourage you to contact us if you have anymore questions about our program.


We offer partial scholarships for families that qualify, contact us for more information.

Scholarships are awarded on a sliding scale for qualified families.

The Dyslexia Center of Utah is a 501(c)3 educational, non-profit.

Contact Information:

Phone: 801-756-1933 

Address: 48 N. 1100 E.  Suite #C & D American Fork, Utah 84003

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