A complete 180

Our experience at the Dyslexia Center has been nothing short of a miracle. Within 2 weeks I saw my daughter’s excitement for life and confidence in herself take a complete 180. As her reading ability increased, her overall sense of confidence and happiness went right with it– she was feeling successful. Now she is back […]


We were very pleased to learn that the Dyslexia Center of Utah was an option for our son. After much worry, sleepless nights and desperate moments of reading from books I checked out at the library I found a reading system I felt would help our son learn to read proficiently. Sadly, when I asked […]

Megan C.

We have loved our experience with DCU! We started the summer our daughter turned 5. She was physically tense when we’d bring up anything to do with reading and would have stomach aches and refuse to learn to read at school. Our other children loved learning to read – so we thought something might be wrong. […]


We moved here when Zach was in 2nd grade from Virginia. We knew Zach had a reading problem but didn’t know exactly why or what back then. By the end of 2nd grade at our IEP meeting the discussion was that Zach had not improved over that year. This was so discouraging to us. Then […]


Natalie, I just wanted to let you know what a joy it has been working with you and Boyd. Asha is one of the most phenomenal kids I have ever worked with in my 19 years in education. She has such a magnetic personality and made every single day a joy. I am so beyond proud […]


Hi Shelley! I really wanted you to know that Adi has done so wonderful in school! She got A’s in math, English and honors biology. Every time I see her report card I think of you and how eternally grateful I am and I know Adi is too that you were an angel in her […]

Asher Kaye

See that little blondie/ brown… My little Asher Kaye sitting right next to me? She is my little worker bee🐝 Things haven’t always come easy for this little brown eyed puppy dog🐶 but, this little one keeps going, she has persistence & determination like I’ve never seen! Asher has amazing willpower and drive to do […]


My daughter is 8 years old and has attended DCU for almost 5 months now. The progress she has made with her tutor, Lorita Beers, has been remarkable. Not only does Lorita have an amazing back ground in teaching reading skills, she knows her students and can cater to their needs. The program DCU uses […]


I can’t say enough about Shelley.   We started Jared the end of Kindergarten with Shelley.  He is now in 2nd grade.  I had been working with Jared a half hour every day during Kindergarten.  At the end of the year he still had a hard time getting the letters in his name in the […]

Amy Garrick

I understand that as a parent we all want the very best for our children. I can’t say enough good things about our experience with Shelley. She is a wonderful person, aside from her extensive knowledge of dyslexia. My daughter had been in an extra reading program since kindergarten. At parent teacher conference at the beginning […]